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Introducing the Horn coverIntroducing the Horn: Essentials for New Hornists and Their Teachers, third edition
Covers the range of performance-related topics that are the most essential in giving a new hornist a good start. This updated edition is a great resource for beginners and for those converting to the horn, with information also of use to intermediate and advancing hornists. In addition, supplemental text is presented which is directed toward current and future instrumental music educators, and presents practical information that will serve to augment materials used in horn methods classes. Purchase on Amazon

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Low Horn Boot CampThe Low Horn Boot Camp, second edition
A volume of effective materials for initial low horn study, this expanded second edition includes text on a variety of topics related to low range development and a special edition of the classic Bordogni Vocalises. This version is based on a 19th century vocal edition by Ferdinand Gumbert, presented in low treble clef and low bass clef. The low bass clef version is a fourth lower than that widely used on the trombone, with the low treble clef version providing a logical stepping stone toward developing the lowest range of the horn. Purchase on Amazon

Mellophone bookA Mello Catechism: A Guide to the World of Mellophones and Marching Horns, third edition
The mellophone is widely used today as a substitute for the horn in marching bands and drum corps. This unique publication presents information in a question and answer format on mellophone history, related middle-brass instruments, mouthpiece choices, range development, tone quality, intonation, fingering charts, warmup, coping with marching, and much more. This updated edition also includes materials of interest to music educators and horn teachers with limited mellophone experience. Purchase on Amazon

Orchestra 101Orchestra 101:
Audition Preparation and an Introduction to Professional Orchestral Performance
Many music students aspire to play full time in orchestras or to develop a freelance performance career, but have a limited perspective on what that career might actually look like. Expanded from a series of articles first published on the website Horn Matters, Orchestra 101 examines audition preparation, the early stages of a performing career, and what you should expect in terms of working conditions in the orchestral world. Positives and negatives are discussed, with the goal of giving a clear, introductory understanding at how orchestras work in the United States. Purchase on Amazon

Descant Triple bookPlaying Descant and Triple Horns: An Introduction to the use of Descant and Triple Horns,
second edition
A practical introduction to descant and triple horns, tools available to the modern hornist for more secure high range performance. This volume covers many topics related to these instruments including fingerings, mouthpiece choices, and music to study and perform, while also touching on the history of the instruments. This second edition includes expanded coverage related to high range production along with tips and excerpts from important solos and orchestral works. Purchase on Amazon

Natural horn bookPlaying Natural Horn Today: An Introductory Guide and Method for the Modern Natural Hornist,
second edition
A concise, modern method for the natural horn, developed with the needs of horn players in mind. This updated second edition is focused toward introducing the natural horn effectively for players who already play the valved horn and wish to learn the older instrument. Topics covered include equipment choices, hand positions, and much more, presented in a practical manner. Short exercises and etudes are included to build technique, making this an ideal resource for learning to play the natural horn. Purchase on Amazon

Wagner Tuba bookPlaying the Wagner Tuba: A Handbook for Hornists,
second edition
A complete, practical guide to the literature and performance techniques of the Wagner tuba, geared toward the advanced student, amateur, or young professional who needs to get up to speed quickly to perform Wagner tuba in a symphonic setting. This edition includes information on instruments and fingerings, complete parts (original notation and transposed) for Bruckner’s Symphony No. 7, excerpts from Götterdämmerung and Eine Alpensymphonie, and more. Purchase on Amazon

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  • Les Adieux
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  • Table for Three
  • Playing the Wagner Tuba, first edition

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One of the most visible hornists today, John Ericson has wide-ranging experience as an orchestral player, soloist, and teacher.

Co-founder of the online magazine and resource Horn Matters, Ericson began his professional career with serving for six seasons as Third Horn in the Nashville Symphony. From there, he turned to full time teaching, first at the Crane School of Music (SUNY Potsdam), where he launched Horn Articles Online. Since 2001 he has served on the faculty at Arizona State University and is Brass Area Coordinator. Besides teaching at Arizona State University, in recent years Ericson has also served as artist faculty at the Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Brevard Music Center. He holds degrees from Indiana University, the Eastman School of Music, and Emporia State University.

Canto CDHis three solo CDs on the Summit label received critical acclaim: The Horn Call hailed Les Adeiux for "Fantastic playing.... The level of musicality, nuance and artistry is not to be missed" and called Canto a "Terrific collaboration between horn and piano." Author of numerous publications, he has performed and presented sessions at eight international horn symposiums and numerous regional events.

A longer bio with audio samples may be found in Horn Matters.

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